Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trade Show Participation #tradeshow #coolstuffcustomized

How do I stand out at a tradeshow? Draw attendees to your booth with a full color imprinted tablecloth! Then, give them a full color pen as a takeaway gift, after they are added to your email blast list.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Four Must-Have Promotional Items for the Summer

Four Must-Have Promotional Items for the Summer

A great promotional item for your business or organization should be  ATTRACTIVELY PRINTED and BE USEFUL TO ITS USERS. With Summer upon us, we'd like you to consider...

  • Collapsible foam beverage sleeves (A.K.A. koozies.) These wonderful items keep your drinks cool and help to prevent their condensation from making a mess.
  • Water bottles. These come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and with an equally wide variety of features. Most everyone uses water bottles in the summer, and USED = SEEN, and that means you get noticed.
  • Lanyards. These are great not only for events that require ID badges like meetings and conventions, but are also good for school and camp events and reunions.
  • Sunglasses. This is a great promotional item for outdoor events such as concerts, races, family reunions, company team-builds. These can be had in a wealth of colors. Most styles have UV protective lenses.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Funny Father's Day tshirt!

Funny Father's Day tshirt printed using our digital printer. 
Digital printing is the same as inkjet printing, and is what you use in your inkjet printer. It creates a soft feel because the ink actually goes into the shirt. Since the ink is in the shirt, it has a softer look than traditional screen printing. Screen printing is what most people think of, when they think of printed tshirts. In screen printing, the ink sits on top of the shirt, so the color is vibrant, and you can feel the ink on top of the shirt.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Where Does Wage Growth Come From?

Where does wage growth come from?

Here's an answer from one of my favorite bloggers, Larry Janesky

Wage growth comes from productivity gains.  Productivity gains comes from capital investment (facilities, software, machinery, etc.)  But business owners will only make capital investments if they feel safe about the future, feel the risk is worth a potential reward and profits will not be taken away by excessive taxation, and if they have access to financing in stable financial markets.
If we don't have a safe environment for businesspeople and entrepreneurs, we don't have capital investments, innovation or wage growth for workers.  

Here's what I'd like to add
Business owners will make capital investments when they also feel safe about themselves, when they feel they can keep growing the business by making adjustments to themselves as well.

Often Larry talks about self improvement, please review his blog to read his interesting ideas

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Value of Positive Thinking

The positive person not only finds ways to overcome obstacles, but actually turns them into stepping stones. 

A positive mind attracts opportunities for success.

A positive mental attitude brings with it faith, enthusiasm, personal initiative, self-discipline, imagination, and definiteness of purpose, which attracts people and beneficial opportunities.

How does one maintain a positive mental attitude? By thinking and acting on the "can do" portion of every plan, or purpose, and refusing to accept as insurmountable the "no can do" portion which can be found in almost every undertaking.

by Napoleon Hill, Chapter 32, A Year of Growing Rich