Saturday, November 7, 2015

About My Beard

Maude is the one who usually posts to the blog, but I’m guest-blogging today.

I’m a really lucky guy – I always have been. I was raised by a great family, have had great friends, married Maude, a wonderful woman, and now we have three fantastic kids as well. I’ve also always had my health and that’s the reason for today’s note.

We’re just coming out of October, the month during which awareness and fundraising takes place for breast cancer most notably, and for women’s health in particular. Recently November has become “Movember” and mustaches are worn as part of an awareness-raising campaign for men’s health issues. This movement has its origins in Australia, but has spread to world-wide participation. Another recent movement is “No-Shave November”, and during November participants, men and women alike, donate whatever they would normally spend on grooming to The American Cancer Society.

Back to me being lucky.

Maude and I run a promotional products business. As part of this business, we are regularly asked to make tee shirts for charity walk teams, fundraising events for patients undergoing expensive medical treatment, and remembrance of loved ones who have passed.

I have been blessed with good health. I'm also extra fortunate not to have been called upon to help a friend or family member without means or a support network. So you may think that the health cause is no more mine to take on than it is for anyone else. However, my family depends upon me, my friends appreciate my company, and the causes that I have taken on and organizations that I work with expect that I’ll be there for them. In that sense, the cause of good health is certainly no less mine than it is that of anyone else.

So I grow the beard this month.

As those who know me notice, I’ll remind you that your health matters too. If you’re due for a visit to your primary care physician – schedule it. If you’re due for your routine woman’s or men’s checkup – make that phone call. If there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right – have it looked at. Nothing beats prevention and early detection.

Stay well and stay healthy!

-Dan Swearingen


No-Shave November: