Saturday, September 19, 2015

#FallChecklist Easy Projects to Prepare Your Home for Fall #Fall #HomeMaintenance #Tips

Before you know it, the frost will be on the pumpkin!

Here's a list of easy projects to prepare your home (and yourself) for fall:
!     protect pipes with pipe sleeves
@   inspect and clean gutters
#     weatherstrip doors and windows
$     inspect your roof for damage
%    install a door strip
^     get your fireplace inspected and cleaned
&    drain and winterize outdoor faucets
*      hire a professional to give the furnace a checkup
        (replace dirty furnace filters

and, last but not least, order your customized jackets and hoodies and warm hats from Embroidme Catonsville!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

#SuccessfulBusiness #Partnership #Keys

Quick Read #SuccessfulBusiness #Partnership #Keys

! Make sure that you can meet your partner's needs and that those          needs are clearly stated and understood by both of you

@ Communication is essential and you need to state and                           understand what is expected from both of you

# Build trust by meeting and / or exceeding the expectations stated           at the outset, paying bills on time, and by being interested in              their business

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